International Association for Education and Cooperation in the World

Aicem is a non-profit organization born and managed by young volunteers. We aim to boost the voice and the competences of youth and children via the spread of values and principales based on Human Rights.

International Association
for Education and Cooperation in the World

Our work is based on 4 motivational levels.


The gratuity in carrying out activities and providing services to our communities as a deep awareness of the importance of everyone's commitment for everybody's development, without exploitation and in full respect of the dimension of the person


The political need to fight to remove the causes that generate circuits of marginalization and discrimination, with particular reference to minors and young people, putting the young person at the center through the search for new forms of cooperation


The need to pursue, through community action, collaboration between social classes, disadvantaged people and all actors of civil and institutional society, even in developing countries, to achieve participatory and real social change


We are guided by a direct commitment in civil society to enforce respect for the human person and protect his/her rights, life and health; to foster mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and lasting peace among all peoples

Cooperation and Exchanges

Education and Training

Our results

Thanks to the dedication and expertise of its young members and the youth workers involved, AICEM has been able to grow in size and capacity at local, national and international levels since 2009.

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Latest updates

Here, we’ll tell you about the events on the calendar of the association and our partners, the most relevant news regarding the Third Sector reported by our newspaper Openmag and our small-big steps to leave this world a better place than we found it!

Thursday, 5 January, 2023

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