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Think Global, Act Local!

Through our cooperation activities in Italy and abroad, we want to support inclusive development and growth in local communities, starting with young people.

The cooperation implemented by AICEM is based on the active involvement of the communities we work with through a non-formal approach. A practical approach that, through ‘learning by doing’, puts the person at the center of the dialogue and exchange process.

The aim is to include in the processes of change and cooperation both the local authorities, institutions and stakeholders operating in the territories, but above all the people, in order to be always sure that every action goes in the direction of sustainable development in accordance with the dignity and respect of every human being.

We operate in Italy, Europe, Mediterranean countries, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

Know the other to know yourself!

We strongly believe that dialogue and intercultural exchange are the core values to be offered to the new generations.

All with the aim of ensuring education and growth that respect diversity and its added value.

That is why we promote and organize international exchanges, short and long-term voluntary mobility for young people by hosting girls and boys at our locations and sending young volunteers abroad to our partners.

The international mobility opportunities we promote directly or through our partners are:

scambi internazionali giovanili (1)
International youth exchanges

5 to 15 days, in Italy and abroad, where young people under 30 years of age can meet, get to know each other and discuss their cultural differences and/or similarities, as well as reinforce together the feeling of being active citizens as members of the European community.

Due ragazzi
European Solidarity Corps

we realize projects to send/host young people under 30 years of age to volunteer abroad and make a contribution to development, for an active and inclusive Europe.

Stage and internships abroad

we implement projects to send or host internships and apprenticeships through national and international programmes such as Erasmus+, "torna subito Lazio", European Solidarity Corps, etc.

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