Everyone, Every day, Everywhere

“Everyone, Every day, Everywhere” is the slogan of AICEM on the occasion of the International Human Rights day. 

On December tenth and the International day dedicated to Human Rights, AICEM (International Association for Cooperation and Education in the World) organized an event to raise awarness and promote Human Rights. The day was first celebrated in 1950, commemorating the date on which the UN General Assembly announced the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In a post-pandemic landscape, with a war within the European borders, and globally where violations against Human Rights occur daily, it is more important than ever to remember that Human Rights should appy to everyone, every day, everywhere and not be a privilege that is only applicable to some. They should embrace and protect us as a scarf can, and does.

On the streets of Rome, more specifically the Termini and Colosseum area, which are two of the city’s pivotal places, AICEM volunteers were determined to remind the tourists and citizens that they encountered of this message.


Human Rights scarves for Everyone, Every day, Everywhere. 

By giving out scarves for Human Rights, AICEM once again wanted to put out the message that respecting others begins in your day to day life. To care for someone, to care for those close to you and to protect the education of our future generations, so that we can create a more just and equal world by tomorrow.

We choose to think that the world will change tomorrow because so many people in so many different places around the world today are making different and more equitable choices”.


Participate in the campagin 

A scarf is the symbol we chose to represent Human Rights, an object that exists to protect us. We decided to share the message among people that were on their way to work, on their way home, to those traveling and visiting the city, to those in need of a scarf to stay warm, and among those who have power in making decisions that can create a greater impact on people’s lives.

There is no better time than now to remind everyone that defending Human Rights is consistent work, which must be carried out in our every day lives, starting with our reality and the activities we do.


Let’s bring the message online!

We want to be able to raise awarness by involving those who received or found our scarves and bring our message online.

Anyone who is wearing a Human Rights scarf today is invited to spread the message on their social networks. By taking a picture of the scarf or with the scarf, and adding the slogan of the campaign “Everyone, Every day, Everywhere” and the hashtag #RaiseYourVoice4HR, tagging @aicem_italia and @openmagit, to invite people to follow the campaign.


What can I do?

Have you found or recived a Human Rights scarf? Now it’s your turn! You can decide to join the campaign

  • Hand your scarf to someone else.
  • Keep your scarf to stay warm! Additonaly, you can use it to start a conversation in your day to day life.
  • Amplify the message through social media!


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