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AICEM is always ready to share its experiences and expertises to offer support to its partners, members, volunteers and trainees.

Participation in the work of the association can take many forms, both at the individual and association level.

If you are looking for training or volunteering, this page will help clarify what the possibilities are for participation in our Association.

Choose the one that best suits you and your needs and contact us to find out how to become part of our reality!

The advantages of working with us

The services that AICEM offers free of charge to its members are:
To member organizations we offer:



Why become a volunteer?

This question is not easy to answer, as the answer involves so many nuances and multiple motivations.

We try by promoting 8 good reasons anyway.

This means not only, testing the skills already acquired, but also, discovering and learning new ones through interaction and collaboration with others. Interpersonal relationships, as well as the exchange of skills and experience, especially with those who are different from us, are a fundamental step to get involved and learn more about ourselves and the world.

Not only in case you are looking for a job, but also if you already have one, a volunteer activity can help you positively. In addition to enriching your Curriculum Vitae and experiential background, if you are new to the world of employment having done volunteer service will highlight your skills and let those who want to hire you know that you are a selfless, helpful, active and flexible. If, on the other hand, you already have an occupation, volunteer work can help you stand out and boost your leadership skills and enrich your career.

Offering your work in exchange for a donation is very important to the organization and much more beneficial to you. You don’t have to commit two or three times a week – just helping out at special events, trade shows, special sales is enough. It really only takes a few hours a month.

It is possible to meet new friends during a volunteer activity precisely because it creates personal bonds based on mutual collaboration, without any kind of discrimination and eliminating dynamics of competition and careerism.

Why waste time in front of the television or computer? A volunteer experience can positively stimulate your life, making it more dynamic and full of activities. Volunteering puts new ideas into circulation and enriches existing ones. This can be a fun opportunity!

Sometimes we take the community we live in for granted. It’s easy to be in the dark about the issues behind our city’s reality. Why not fill this gap through volunteering? Volunteering is ultimately about helping others and making a positive impact on people’s well-being. What better way, then, to connect with your community than to give back what it gives us every day?

Traveling allows you to feel free and learn about the world we live in. By becoming an Aicem volunteer you can become part of an association behind your home or abroad. Through social tourism, in fact, it is possible to travel to various countries at low costs, thus improving oneself and one’s approach to the world.

The hectic life we live every day makes us lose sight of the little things in everyday life, the things that make our lives unique and unrepeatable. Many times we are rooted in our own perspective and comfort zone, thanks to volunteering instead you can drive a change of course and stimulate a greater open-mindedness; in fact, this allows us to create new perspectives, overcome certain social barriers, but above all teaches us to say thank you for what we have.

Why become a member of AICEM?

Knowing what’s going on in the third sector world, what opportunities exist to support your ideas and what the association is doing is the first step in getting involved.

AICEM members receive a newsletter about current opportunities and more.

The association’s communication channels are available for you to share your business or talk about an issue you care about.

Do you have an idea for an activity that aligns with AICEM’s goals but don’t know where to start? The association can support you in transforming your idea into a concrete initiative.

How? We evaluate together the steps to follow and provide our members with our expertises (design, communication, training) to make a small step towards the change we want.

Training is important! knowing about training opportunities related to our interests and accessing them is not always easy or straightforward.

We at AICEM share with our members training opportunities in Italy and abroad, supporting people who are interested in preparing their application.

Behind every association are the people: the real engine of change. People are the real wealth of AICEM.

The members are constantly informed and participate in the meetings of the association, helping to make the most important decisions about the goals to be achieved, the activities to be done and the resources to be used.

Why become a Trainee?

Frequently in the college journey we don’t have the opportunity to experience what we study.

The internship is an important investment for us on both sides. it is a very serious commitment, in which the trainee is fully involved in the activities of the association, assuming responsibilities related to the chosen path but always supported by the volunteer staff.

The internship with AICEM is a path in which the participant is fully involved in the activity of the association, building together a program that reflects the objectives of the association and the aspirations of the intern.

Those who decide to intern with AICEM choose to put themselves on the line, try, fail, and learn and the AICEM team chooses to make itself available to those who want to take this path, through planning, exchanges and feedback.

The internship for AICEM is meant to orient you.

We are often convinced that we know which profession we want to do in our future but we don’t really know what it is and this can result in a lot of disappointment.

Other times we are less oriented, we feel like we are groping in the dark, even feeling frightened by not having clear ideas.

The internship for AICEM is an opportunity to try, try and decide that we like it or not, try doing something we didn’t even know existed. Internship for AICEM is about experimenting in order to make conscious choices.

The internship with AICEM also gives you ideas for doing your thesis. Have you ever thought about doing a thesis involving associations from other countries? AICEM gives you the opportunity to do so by following our projects, or making new connections through the association.

The internship can be a first step for you to get in touch with the third sector, with the activities of the association and with the opportunities that exist.

We want to think of the internship as a first step that gives us a chance to imagine what we want to accomplish and how to accomplish it.

ESC Internships

Why become a member?

The most valuable resource that AICEM provides to its members is a pool of people who have diverse backgrounds and expertises.

Trainers, designers, project managers, communication experts, psychologists, and language mediators are ready to work together to help strengthen the work of our members.

Are you a member of the association and want to present a project but don’t know where to start?

AICEM helps its members with a range of services such as searching for calls, registering with platforms for the submission and management of projects, drafting project proposals and supporting the coordination of local, national and international activities.

Making plans, actions and activities is important but it is also important to know how to communicate them in the right way!

We are ready to support our members to create an effective communication, and suitable for the target to

Each activity starts from a real need to which we want to give a concrete answer.

To do so, AICEM supports the creation of partnerships whose complementary skills can be combined to achieve common goals.

The training never ends. For any association, constant training means having the tools to respond effectively to challenges, whether old or new.

For this reason, organizing and sharing online and offline training meetings is a crucial aspect of our work that is necessary to make an effective impact.

Why become a Partner?

Being a partner of AICEM means being part of a wide network, a network that can count on knowledges, skills and tools made available for the realization of wide objectives.

For AICEM, acting together means having a broader impact, which is why AICEM is always ready to share ideas with its partners and open the door to new partnerships.

Working alone allows you to achieve goals, but working together allows you to maximize your impact to more effectively respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

In the increasingly interconnected world we live in, bringing together what we can do and our resources is critical to making a change that is real and addresses real needs.

AICEM makes its contribution by sharing its experience, its approach, its methodology and through the use of a diverse pool of human resources.

Networking is the winning strategy for addressing real needs. AICEM is ready to dialogue with all public and private entities, that recognize and respect human rights.

On this foundations, dialogue and exchange allow us to work together, identifying steps to achieve increasingly distant goals.

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