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Good practices and new ways to engage young people by using sport as a tool for inclusion

Sport has been proven to be an effective tool for inclusion besides being a tool for health and personal development. The aim of the manual is to share good practices and learn new ways to engage young people from different cultural backgrounds and with fewer opportunities by using sport as a tool for youth work.

The manual is intended especially for sport organizations and instructors working with young people and to all those interested in promoting social inclusion in and through youth sport activities: all types of sport organizations and clubs, trainers, instructors.

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Educational and final toolkit about Non Formal Education and Human Rights Education methodologies

This toolkit is one of the main outcomes of the project "YesWeKENya", realized thanks to the contribution of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and implemented by the organizations AICEM, ASES and Yes International.

It provides practical examples of NFE techniques, HRE acivites and how to use those tools.

All person in charge of youth education, youth engagement and youth empowerment can use this toolkit. Also in particular could be used by young people that want to start local activites, guide/lead a group of youth people bring some changes in their community and promote Human Rights Education (HRE).

How the toolkit can be used?

After a general presentation of the project, the toolkit will provide information about non-formal education methodologies and how to apply them and the impact/action that can create when it comes to HRE. There are some practical example to be used, tips to start and plan an educational activity, and then all the already existing resources to create your own program/activities.

Sport-based education programmes to facilitate upward social mobility for disadvantaged young people

The handbook aims to raise awareness on the transferable skills that sport-based educational activities can develop for young people - especially those not in employment, education or training.

The publication is preliminarily addressing youth and sport organizations that aim to deliver programs that can boost certain soft skills of youngsters from fewer opportunities backgrounds.

Besides providing practical advices, it also features ten European organizations that run employability and sport-based development programs for youth target groups.

Motivation papers


Il Photobook "Saliamo a bordo" nasce all’interno del progetto “Let's get on board", che ha coinvolto un gruppo di 20 giovani da 6 Comuni (Drapia, Parghelia, Ricadi, Spilinga, Tropea, Zaccanopoli) della Provincia di Vibo Valentia. Il progetto, finanziato dalla European Youth Foundation del Consiglio d’Europa, è nato dalle idee di alcuni giovani del territorio, che hanno individuato un obiettivo comune: quello di contribuire ad una riscoperta e valorizzazione del territorio attraverso la lente di giovani cittadini attivi.

Il photobook vuole condurre chi lo legge attraverso un piccolo viaggio che permetta di imbattersi nelle cose belle del territorio ma anche di individuare le lacune, viste tramite gli occhi dei giovani che il territorio lo abitano. Attraverso il photobook, questi stessi giovani avanzano delle proposte di cambiamento che soltanto tutti insieme, amministrazioni, associazioni, scuole, cittadini, possono realizzare per poter vivere ne "il territorio che vorrei". Il photobook vuole essere un invito ad una collaborazione sempre più ampia verso una realtà inclusiva e sostenibile in cui andare via sia una scelta e non l'unica opzione possibile.

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