Final Event of project Euromed GRL PWR will be held in ASPE (Alicante)

On February 10th the project Euromed GRL PWR will have its final event in Aspe (Alicante)

Next Friday, February 10th, representatives from Italy (AICEM), Spain (ASES), Palestine (WITNESS) and Tunisia (AVER) will meet in Aspe (Alicante) for the final event of the international youth project Euromed GRL PWR. During the meeting, the results of the local activities developed and implemented by the 4 national teams will be presented.

After a Training Course in Djerba (Tunisia) held in February ’22, youth workers from the countries involved ideated different actions to be implemented in their own local contexts. The Training Course aimed to empower 20 participants with tools, skills, resources, manuals and tips to work for gender equality in their realities. During one of the final sessions, and with the feedbacks and support of the trainers, many national actions were designed, that took place in the last 12 months. The activities were realised in schools, in youth centers, in one university and through public actions, with the final objectives of stimulating discussions about the topic of gender equality, and enabling girls and young women in Euro Mediterranean areas in leading their equal participation in society.

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GRL PWR is a project born from the awareness and analysis of data reporting that, in 2022, accessing fundamental rights is still an unequal possibility for men and women and this leads consequently to an unequal participation in society at different levels. The number of young women employed or at the head, or founders of enterprises or organisations, or in decision making positions is very limited compared to males, and even in the private environment women keep being the most discriminated when comes to access their fundamental rights. Covid-19 did not less than exacerbating the situation and amplifying the gap, in many contexts and occasions holding girls and women back, not giving them the possibility to choose a different life.

For all this reasons, the idea and final purpose behind the project was to create and test an educational program that could represent a valid support for this reality to finally change.

During the final event on Friday 10th, the educational program and the results of the actions built on it will be finally presented. The program and its resources will be then public and reachable through the website of the project.

If you can’t reach Aspe but wants updates about the event, follow the meeting through our stories!

Read the press release of host ASES here.



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